Ministry Staff 

Apostle Jason Mitchell

Passionate is an appropriate word to describe Apostle Jason. He is especially passionate when it comes to the integrity of the Word of God and seeing Gods people fulfill their destiny and the calling of God in their lives. He believes that the ?Lord still watches over His Word to perform it? (Jeremiah 1:12) and that the ?gifts and callings of God are without repentance? (Romans 11:29).

Jason comes from a background littered by religion and racism. In his senior year of high school he was assigned to write a term paper for both English class and Religion class. He convinced his teachers to allow him to do the same paper for both classes, as long as it had a religious theme.  As he began to research the paper, he states ?I saw things in the bible that did not line up with what I was being taught in class. When I would ask the teacher or the priest a question, they could not answer it?. Shortly after high school, a relative shared the Gospel with him. ?The first person to share the Gospel with me, got me?, he says. He accepted Christ as his Savior and not long afterward was called to the Ministry.

 Apostle Mitchell also served for 20 years with distinction in the Law Enforcement arena and has a special place in his heart for First Responders and Military. ?First responders have a special skill set they bring to the Body of Christ. We understand military strategy and how war is conducted. There are apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists riding around in police cars, fire trucks ambulances, etc., whose gifts and callings are being ignored because the Church does not understand what they have been through or how to relate to them. God loves these people and has great plans for them in His Kingdom.?

 Jason, his wife Barbara, and their daughter, Kathryn minster both individually and as a team. Kathryn has done Missionary work in Cuba and leads worship and preaches also. They have been blessed to see hundreds healed, delivered, set free and released to flow in the plans and purposes God has for their lives. In his spare time, Jason loves to do things with his family, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Micah and their daughter-in-law Kerry, are Missionaries in South Africa.

Prophet/Apostle Barbara Mitchell

Barbara has a passion to see the world come to know Christ in a very personal relationship. She inspires people to know him through the Word of God and an intimacy that is available in Holy Spirit.

Barbara is an ordained minister but has been ministering since she was 9 years old going door to door with her pastor telling others about Jesus.  She and her husband Jason founded Waters of Hope Int'l Ministries in Hammond, LA.  She teaches classes and mentors people to flow in their God-given talents and gifting by God.  She wants to see you grow in your purpose and destiny.

Barbara shares a daily broadcast of Facebook live Cups of Hope.  Where she teaches and brings the Word alive as devotion.  She also is a talented singer and has been on television and other programs inspiring others in word and song.

Barbara also handles all the social media/internet for the ministry.  Her motto:. There is nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it.


Prophetess Kathryn Mitchell

Our daughter Kathryn Mitchell is our Worship Pastor/Co-Pastor here at Waters of Hope Int'l Ministries.  She is a prophet to the nations.  She teaches the Word of God uncompromisingly.  She is a missionary called to the nation of Cuba.  She held a healing crusade and meetings in Cuba in 2015 and can not wait to return. 

She is a conference speaker, psalmist, prophet, and currently studying Law at Tulane University.

"Stand strong. Stand firm.  Tell the enemy to get to stepping! Cause there is nothing God can't do!"